Army of Sluts – Chapter 8

Heather moaned loudly as she finally came.

“Are you pleased, Mistress Heather?” Courtney asked as she popped her head out from between Heather’s legs.

Courtney had just finished eating out Heather’s pussy, which had been previously eaten out by all the other sluts (excluding Bridgette, who had been sent off to find Geoff and report on his location, since he’d disappeared from the camp). They had all filed up to eat Heather out as per her request. Five days prior, Heather had accidentally given herself a slutification, which not only enhanced her sexual development but also gave her an increased sex drive that she could not satisfy.

“This is not fucking enough!” Heather yelled, incredibly frustrated.

“Well, what do you want, Mistress?” Courtney asked.

“I want a fucking cock!” Heather yelled.

The sluts looked at each other in misery, especially the former males, since they knew that was the one thing they didn’t have. Heather had thought of using Cody, but he’d disappeared into the woods with his new slave Gwen and she didn’t have the time to look for him.

“I’m gonna take a walk in the fucking woods, to calm myself the fuck down.” Heather said. “Plus if I stumble into Izzy, I can shove her fucking head up my pussy for fucking doing this to me! The fucking bitch!”

Heather strolled into the woods, cursing audibly and occasionally rubbing her crotch and her b breasts in an attempt to keep down her urges. Her nipples hardened when he cold got to her, since she’d been forced to keep using the outfit she’d acquired in her slutification because none of her old clothes fit her anymore.

Heather groaned her way across the forest until she heard another set of groans nearby. She closely followed the sounds and realized that unlike her own groans, these were groans of pleasure. They eventually led her to a small clearing where she witnessed the most amazing thing she’d seen in her life.

A ten inch long cock. It was big, long and thick…just how she liked it. She admired the stellar dick from the bushes and decided to follow the shaft to its owner, whom she was surprised to discover was actually Harold.

Her lower jaw hit the floor when she saw that the nerdy redhead was the one who had the largest, juiciest dick she’d seen in her whole life. The nerd was sitting against a hollow log, jerking off to a video on his iPod and groaning loudly, leaving Heather surprised at how actually turned on she was by the sight.

Heather was by all standards and calculations a whore, but even she never fucked nerds or dorks. Yet with a dick as huge as that, Heather was finding it hard not to be wet, especially with her current sex-drive.

The coup de grace was delivered when Harold climaxed and squirted a huge load of semen into the ground. Heather was convinced…she was going to fuck the nerdyness out of Harold.

Harold sighed in relief after coming, since he’d wanted to relieve himself for days now but had been unable to procure a moment of alone time. He was startled when a feminine hand snatched his iPod out of his hands and turned around, hell bent on getting to snarl at the snatcher until he saw who it was.

His jaw dropped and his cock re-hardened when he saw Heather in the sluttiest dominatrix costume that he’d only seen before in hentai anime.

Harold remained absolutely still, too stunned to move, so Heather took action instead. She strutted seductively over to Harold, swinging her hips to showcase her juicy ass and then wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She collided her lips with his, wasting no time and sliding her tongue into his mouth to wrestle his tongue into submission. He kissed back and a heated make-out began.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and she pressed her huge G-cup tits into his chest before rubbing her crotch against his. She felt his monstrous cock harden against her thong’s thin silk and she became even wetter.

When they pulled apart, Harold wanted to ask questions.

“What happened to you?”

“I’ll tell you later.” She answered simply. “Right now…”

She pulled down part of her corset, releasing her boobs into his view. She put her hands behind Harold’s head and thrust his face into her rack.

“Right now I want you to fuck me stupid.”



“I’m bored.” Izzy groaned.

“I’m not enjoying myself too much either, but we have to stay in hiding until Chris and the rest of the cast returns.” Noah said.

Izzy and Noah had taken up hiding place inside a cave in the middle of woods and decided to wait out until the rest of the cast returned, so they could tell them what had happened to all those who remained behind. They’d been doing whatever they could to entertain themselves and had been living off the simple berries that were outside their cave.

“Can’t we dance?”

“I don’t dance.”

“How about we go out for an adventure?!”

“Not with Heather and her crazy ray gun prowling out there.”

“Play 21 questions?”

“Not in the mood, Izzy.”

“Then that only leaves one choice.” Izzy said, rather ominously.

“And what is that?”

Immediately after Noah asked, Izzy pounced on top of him. She tackled him off the rock he’d been sitting on and reading on and proceeded to straddle him.

“What are you doing?!” Noah yelled.

“The one thing I can do to keep myself entertained.” Izzy answered simply.

“What’s that?!”

“Fucking.” Izzy responded.


“I’m bored and we’ve been in this cave for two days during which I haven’t had any sex. So I’m really horny right now and since my Owen isn’t around right now, you’ll have to do.” Izzy answered.


“Come on, Noah! It’s fun! And besides…you don’t really have a choice so you might as well try to enjoy it was much as I will!” Izzy said.

Izzy slid out of her skirt and then pulled off her top, revealing she was wearing no underwear at all. The redhead tried to kiss Noah, but he avoided all her attempts to connect their lips together. After some brief attempts, she got irritated.

“Come on, Noah! Kiss me!”

“No, Izzy!”

“At least squeeze my ass! It’s soft and malleable.”


“Fine, we’ll do this another way.”

Izzy grabbed Noah’s head and she pressed it to her cleavage. She then pressed her boobs together with her forearms, making her flesh squeeze around Noah’s face and cutting off any incoming air.

“Play with my ass or I’ll leave you in there until you smother and that really won’t look good on your epitaph.” Izzy said playfully and grimly. “’Noah, smothered in a naked girl’s boobies’. It doesn’t sound too good for your image.”

Noah tried to hold out, but he realized that Izzy was willing to actually smother him in her breasts if he did not comply, so he surrendered. He placed his hands on Izzy’s ass and began to grope her butt cheeks, much to the redhead’s delight.

“Yay!” Izzy squealed while letting go of Noah’s head.

Noah breathed in deep after being released, giving Izzy to kiss him while his mouth was open and drive her tongue inside his mouth. Noah tried to resist, but eventually teenage hormones did their job and he reciprocated, kissing her back and continuing to play with her butt cheeks. Izzy pulled away and purred in satisfaction while she pulled off Noah’s shirt, sweater, pants, shoes and socks. As she was about to remove his underwear, Noah began to complain, saying they’d gone far enough, but he was promptly silenced when Izzy sat down on his face, pressing her pussy against his mouth.

“Eat me out and I’ll suck you off.” Izzy said.

Noah resisted at first but then Izzy applied the same strategy she’d applied earlier by pressing her pussy down so hard on his face that she was smothering him, which eventually convinced Noah to give in and begin to lick her pussy. He was immediately rewarded when Izzy reciprocated and began to suck on his dick, ensuring to take it all into her mouth.

Noah eventually got lost in the sensation and began to grope Izzy’s ass above his head, kneading her luscious butt-cheeks and rubbing them in circles to his and her delight. Getting excited, Izzy pulled her mouth away from Noah’s cock and instead replaced it with her tits, encasing the shaft between her doughy mounds and sucking on the head while she squeezed her boobies together, squishing his dick between her two C-cup melons.

The more it went on, the more the two began to pick up the pace, until Izzy decided to make a contest out of it to see if she could make Noah cum before she did. She picked up the pace and Noah did so unconsciously as well; of course, since Noah was far less used to sex, he came first, spraying his load all over Izzy’s tits. However, since Izzy hadn’t gotten satisfied herself, she ignored Noah’s pleas to stop.

“Noah, can you please stick out your tongue?” She asked.

Noah, being too tired to respond appropriately, simply did as he was told and then Izzy slammed her crotch down on Noah’s face, forcing his tongue into her pussy. She pressed down hard enough to not let Noah pull it out and then began to grind against his face, keeping his tongue in her pussy and rubbing her clit against his chin. Noah tried to pull away but Izzy had his tongue locked inside her pussy so he couldn’t move; it also didn’t help that Izzy booty was rubbing across his eyeballs, blocking his vision.

For the next twenty five minutes, Izzy masturbated with Noah’s face, grinding against him non-stop and cumming twice before releasing him. Noah was about to yell at her when she shoved her supple boob into his mouth nipple-first, silencing him. She then wrapped her arms around his head and smothered him against her breasts while she lowered herself onto his dick, slowly beginning to fuck him while he suckled on her boob.



Back in the forest, Harold was lying against a tree trunk. His pants and underwear were discarded and laid next to a nearby redberry bush right below Heather’s corset. Heather had taken off the tight black garment to show Harold her boobs once again, though this time they were an even bigger sight to behold. Harold didn’t have much time to look at them though, since the queen bee almost immediately pulled off his pants and began to service him.

Heather was softly stroking the skin of his cock on one side and gently running her tongue along the skin on the other side. Heather was practically worshipping the dick that she’d been longing for days now. Not only did she stroke it and lick it, but she also rubbed it tenderly across her cheek and kissed it in several places. The kisses grew increasingly long and open-mouthed to the point that every kiss came along with a slap of tongue. The increasing kisses grew until she finally bestowed a giant kiss to the tip of the dick and wrapped her mouth around it, beginning to properly suck his dick.

Heather slowly slid her lips down the ten inch cock, savoring every second of having the shaft between her lips. She succulently savored the taste while she ran her tongue across the skin, flattening it against the shaft to make sure it touched as much of the dick as it could. Harold was groaning in pleasure and smiling goofily at the idea and sight of someone other than himself touching his dick…And not just touching it, but giving him a blowjob…and not just anyone, it was Heather…Heather, the hottest girl on the island was worshipping his cock with her mouth and was going to fuck him with her super enlarged body. Harold was reasonably happy.

Heather finally went to town on his cock, sinking it all the way into her mouth. When the head reached the entrance to her throat she, using all her expertise, relaxed her muscles to allow it entrance with ease so that she could take the entire cock into her mouth. Harold moaned loudly as the tip of his dick was embraced by the warm touch of Heather’s throat and also grinned in satisfaction at the sight of Heather’s face pressed against his underbelly and the sensation of her chin rubbing against his balls.

Finally, Harold had all he could take and came in one giant burst, shooting a large wad of semen down Heather’s throat. The queen bee swallowed eagerly and savored the taste of the delicious fresh cum.

Heather straightened herself up before taking off her thong and straddling Harold. Before he could say anything, she wrapped her arms around the back of his head and then nestled his face between her boobs.

“Don’t say anything, Harold.” She said. “Let me do all the work and you just enjoy my tits.”

Not needing any further indication, Harold sucked her left nipple into his mouth, something a sensitive Heather enjoyed while she positioned herself above his penis. She slowly lowered herself onto his dick and as soon as his head touched her lower lips, Harold’s hands instinctively shot up and groped her ass, which raised a moan out of her. He smiled as he motorboated her tits and began to play with her butt-cheeks while she slowly let all of his ten inches penetrate her.

Heather had been with many guys during her short eighteen year-old life, ever since she started getting laid at sixteen, but she’d never had anyone as big as Harold. She had a difficult time taking him in, especially since after her slutification she’d grown even tighter but once she managed to slide him all the way inside her, a feeling of ecstasy, pleasure and accomplishment gave her the biggest rush of her life.

Slowly she hoisted herself up again to slide his cock out of her and when only his tips was left inside, she sunk back down to take him all in. Her moan of pleasure echoed all the way back to the camp, where the other sluts were too distracted fucking each other to notice.

Heather started slowly riding Harold’s cock while he played with her breasts and ass. Soon she gained a proper rhythm and began to fuck him like the pro she was.



After over three hours of fucking, Noah was near collapse. Izzy had fucked him in every position imaginable and some that only she could have come up with. The one they were currently in was one of the latter category, with Noah being suspended upside down as Izzy used her thighs to lift him up and down, sliding hid upside down cock in and out of her pussy while she hung onto a rocky outcrop on the top of one of the cave’s walls.

Noah had blacked out twice during their amorous activity and when he’d woken afterwards, he’d found Izzy fucking him in a different position each time. Finally, in this new bizarre, upside down position Noah came one final time before passing out again and shortly before Izzy herself came again. She dropped the unconscious Noah to the floor and then dropped down herself, feeling tired for the first time since they began fucking.

She yawned and rested next to Noah, giving him a soft peck on the lips before hugging him close to her. However, she did not find their position satisfying. She moved Noah’s head lower so that he was level with her chest and then wrapped her arms around his head, smooshing his face between her boobs. When she still did not find this satisfying enough, she noticed Noah’s dick was still relatively hard, so she stroked it until it became a little firmer and then penetrated herself with it. She still did not feel entirely comfortable, so she moved Noah’s hands so they were on top of her booty. She pressed them down in order to make his hands squeeze her ass and then she finally felt good.

Rubbing her boobies against Noah’s face one final time, she finally drifted off to sleep.



“Goddamnit Harold, fuck me harder!” Heather yelled.

Heather was holding onto the trunk of a large oak tree, her arms partially wrapped around the trunk, her face and tits pressed against the bark as Harold was having his way with her ass. The nerd groped her massively juicy butt-cheeks while his dick rammed into her asshole with all the strength he could muster.

After two straight hours of fucking, Harold had achieved Nirvana, feeling pleasures he’d never thought he’d achieve and Heather was in ecstasy, finally achieving the release she’d so desperately sought for five restless days.

Heather pulled her right arm away from the tree and began to play with her clit while Harold pounded away at her ass. After a long bout o teasing her own pussy and having her second hole stuffed with a ten inch cock, Heather finally gave the pleasurable scream and came. Soon after, Harold released into her ass and immediately collapsed in exhaustion, drifting off into a deep sleep. Heather snickered wickedly as she pulled his cock out of her ass and began to get dressed once again.



Hours later, Harold slowly opened his eyes after he felt something squishy and soft press up against his face.


He opened his eyes and saw pitch darkness while a wonderfully soft object was completely covering his face. The object pulled away and he realized that it was Heather’s boobs that were pressed against him.

“Good, you’re awake.” Heather said as she pulled up her corset, covering her marvelous tits, much to Harold’s disappointment.

However, much to Harold’s enjoyment (and utter surprised), as Heather stood over him, five more girls approached and stood next to her. Lindsay, who was in her red bra and panties; Bridgette, who was wearing a tiny blue bikini that left nothing to the imagination; Courtney, wearing a tight white schoolgirl shirt and tiny black schoolgirl skirt and two girls Harold didn’t know; a green-haired one who wore a tiny black leather bikini top over her enormous breasts and a set of tight black leather shorts and another, black-haired girl who wore a fully un-buttoned red and green square-patterned flannel shirt with a set of tight jean shorts.

“What’s going on here?!” Harold asked, shocked to see the girls looking like they were.

“Harold, these are my sluts.” Heather said.

“What happened?!”

“I slutified them, using…”

Heather reached into her cleavage and pulled out her slut gun.


Heather chuckled at Harold’s shocked expression.

“Now Harold, you have two choices. You can either join me in my plan to turn every contestant left into my airheaded slut slaves and join me in using them as fucktoys, or I can turn you into a slut girl like I did with Duncan and Trent here.” Heather explained as she pointed to Dunny and Tina.

A shocked Harold finally realized that the two strange girls were indeed Duncan and Trent…transformed into bimbo girls.

“What do you say?” Heather asked as she pointed the gun at him.

Harold was initially shocked, a natural reaction to learning that the people he’d been living with for the past weeks were now fucktoys to an evil mistress. However, as soon as he really took in how hot the sluts were, his face shifted to an interested leer.

“Well…the prospect of having any bimbo I want as a fuck toy is interesting.” Harold said.

“Good choice.” Heather said. “Now, do you want to try out any of them?”

Harold looked around at the different sluts and his eyes settled upon one of them in particular, one with whom he had a grudge.


“I think I’ll try out Courtney first.” Harold said.

“Again…Good choice.” Heather said. “Courtney, pleasure Harold, The rest of us, let’s go back to the Mess Hall.”

Heather and the other sluts left and for the first time since he’d woken up, Harold realized he was at Camp Wawanakwa’s campfire pit. Courtney stood over Harold and looked at him with lust welded into her eyes.

“What do you want, Harold?” She asked seductively, shaking her torso so her tits swayed inside her tiny shirt.

“How about you show me those huge tits?” Harold said, smirking in satisfaction.

Courtney cooed and began to un-button her tiny blouse, slowly revealing more and more caramel skin until Harold was welcomed to the sight of her enormous G-cup mounds and dark brown nipples. Courtney kneeled down and he sat up, groping at her wonderfully soft breasts while she moaned. He pushed the two melons together and suckled on both nipples at the same time while she held his head.

Harold could not believe it. This was the girl who had only a few days ago tried to kill him and now he was sucking her gigantic tits and she was going to do anything he wanted to please him. His hands left her boobs and instead slowly slid up her legs until they were on her ass, which he groped and squeezed to his delight while he sucked away at her melons.

“Courtney, suck my dick.” Harold commanded.

He’d always wanted to say that.

Without a word, Courtney unzipped his pants and pulled out his ten inch cock. The brunette bimbo licked her lips while she stroked him before taking him into her mouth. Harold leaned back and moaned in pleasure as Courtney began to deep-throat his cock.

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