Army of Sluts – Chapter 2

Bridgette woke up. She had a bad feeling in herself as soon as she awoke. She looked around the Bass cabin and saw that everybody was there. She felt uneasy for some reason and decided that she’d go and take a walk.

She got out of the cabin and walk out into the campgrounds. While she walked, she heard very strange noises emanating from the woods. Deciding to explore, Bridgette walked into the woods. She went deeper and deeper into the darkness of the place, waiting to meet with the source of the noise and soon did.

She witnessed Gwen’s transformation, Heather’s explanation, Gwen having sex with Lindsay and Heather turning Gwen into her full mental slave with a mere kiss. She was terrified by the whole thing, but could not manage to run away from there. But when she decided to it was too late.

“Excellent.” Heather said. “Now, time to make another slut.”

Immediately, Heather raised her slut gun again and aimed at the hiding Bridgette. She squeezed the trigger and a ray of green light struck Bridgette and began to flow around her body.

“Thought I hadn’t seen you, Bridgette?” Heather said. “You should’ve run and so you would’ve been able to tell everybody…but now, you will become my second slut.”

Bridgette walked into the clearing as soon as she felt her hormones being altered.

Unlike Gwen, the changes in her begun with her tits. Her chest began to expand under her light blue sweat-shirt. She felt her incredibly sensitive nipples rubbing against the fabric of the shirt, since she wasn’t wearing a bra. She moaned in ecstasy with her increasing chest and begun to rub her huge boobs as soon as they b burst out of her shirt, which was shredded to pieces.

Her ass soon followed. Bridgette’s ass was already firm and well shaped before, but now, thanks to the slutification process, it became bigger, rounder, firmer and juicier. It was all well displayed when her jean shorts exploded, revealing her ass and pussy to the world.

Her waist became thinner and soon all her shredded clothes disappeared, being replaced with a tiny light blue bikini. The top barely covering the nipples on her E-cup tits and the bikini-bottom looking like a thong that barely hid her ass and only covered the tip of her pussy, displaying some pubic hair.

“What the hell?!” Bridgette yelled. “Heather please don’t do this…”

“Don’t worry, Bridgette, soon you’ll feel the same love for Heather that I do…and you’ll be happy doing everything she says.” Gwen said. “And besides, she gives you an incredibly hot body in exchange…yours is incredible for example…such big, juicy breasts and you round sexy ass…”

“Enough.” Heather said. “Gwen, Lindsay…please entertain my new slut.”

The slutified Gwen and the dimwitted obedient Blonde, Lindsay approached The bikini wearing Bridgette.

“Gwen, please don’t do this.” Bridgette begged.

“Oh, don’t worry Bridgette…I was nervous at first too. But now, you’ll just sink into the pleasure and then sink into Mistress Heather’s love.” Gwen said.

Gwen placed herself in front of the slutified Bridgette while Lindsay appeared behind. Gwen planted a kiss on Bridgette’s reluctant lips. The surfer could not pull away when the Goth inserted her tongue into the other’s mouth, licking the surfer’s tongue. Meanwhile, Lindsay rubbed her bare pussy against Bridgette’s new enormous ass and squeezed the surfer’s tits together from behind.
Soon, Gwen pulled away from Bridgette’s lips and then, the goth’s lips moved down south, to Bridgette’s tits. Gwen pulled down one of the cups of Bridgette’s tiny bikini and encircled the left nipple of Bridgette’s chest and began to suck on it while she massaged the other boob, above the cloth, with her hand, while at the same time, Lindsay squeezed the tits together. All the attention on her tits made Bridgette moan in extreme pleasure. The pleasure got her mind away from the fact that she would soon become a slave to the bitch, Heather.

Gwen soon went even lower, and so did Lindsay. Both the girls pulled down the bikini bottom of Bridgette’s, exposing her ass and pussy completely. Or rather just revealing what little couldn’t be seen before. Gwen licked her lips before she inserted her tongue inside Bridgette. Bridgette moaned when Gwen’s tongue spread her love folds sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body. Bridgette practically screamed with pleasure when Lindsay joined in, inserting her tongue into Bridgette’s ass.

The pleasure kept Bridgette from noticing that Heather had stripped naked while observing the threesome of her slaves. Heather slowly approached the three in the throes of passion girls that were now her slaves.

“Why don’t’ you rub your boobs, Bridgette?” Heather said. “They also need attention.”

Bridgette couldn’t help herself as her hands flew to her new enormous E-cup breasts. She rubbed her nipples and squeezed her breasts together. Heather then approached Bridgette, and while the surfer’s pussy was penetrated by the goth’s pussy, her ass was filled by the blonde’s tongue and her tits were rubbed by herself, Heather kissed Bridgette.

Bridgette sank into the kiss. She loved it. Soon more emotions flew into her body along with the pleasure, she felt love. Love for Heather. She loved the girl who was giving her all this pleasure. She felt like everything Heather did was alright. She wanted to do everything for her love, Heather.

Heather pulled away. So did Gwen and Lindsay.

“What do you think, Bridgette?” Heather asked.

“I love you Heather.”

“Excellent.” Heather said. “Now my sluts come and enjoy your mistresses’ milk.”

The slutified Bridgette and Gwen went for Heather and begun to suck on her tits.

“This island will be mine.” Heather said.

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