Lindsay – The New Futa Goddess

Chapter 2

Lindsay’s New Appendage!

Lindsay awoke from the dream sweat covering her body, then she looked at her body checking it to make sure it was the same. From what she could see with her clothes nothing was different. She looked at the other’s who were grumbling as they got out of bed then she got out and grabbing her case she opened it to grab her clothes and towel. She followed the others the words of the fertility goddess still ringing in her head, `Well first things first I’m gonna change you into a more `ideal body!’ Lindsay was afraid as to what these changes were gonna be and when they would happen. She really hoped she became nothing like that statue. She walked into the shower stall and took off her top draping it, then she pulled down her skirt and was about to reach for her panties when she noticed the small bulge in her panties. She paled and grabbed the elastic on the panties and stretched then she released it. A scream came to her mouth but she held her mouth shut as her brain tried to process what she had seen. Then she pulled off her panties and looked down again. Where her clit had been right above her vagina was a very small cock with equally small balls. The cock was an inch in length and the balls the size of golf balls but the sight horrified Lindsay to no end.

“Oh god! This can’t be happening to me!” Lindsay breathed, she stared at the new attachment then she gave it a poke, it bounced and filled began to pulse, Lindsay watched as the cock began to fill very slowly with blood. It grew larger and larger surpassing it’s 1 inch by a long shot. It grew till it touched her belly button, unfortunately for Lindsay she didn’t know that much about boy’s parts as to what to do about it. She stared it for a while t then she tried to think of her previous dates and what they said they did when they got a hard-on. She was always curious as to a boy’s thing even though she was still a virgin herself. She remembered one saying that he masturbated or something like that, if she remembered correctly they took their thing and just stroked it till the got off. At least that’s what she thought he said, but Lindsay didn’t really want to touch this gross thing. She stared it then a voice in her head said, `Do it!’ Lindsay looked around and saw nobody. She looked at the pulsing organ and grabbed it with one hand she shuddered slightly as her she felt her senses react. She then began to pump the organ slowly at first… it felt weird then it slowly began to feel a little good. She began to pump it faster, taking care to pull all the way then all the way down. She felt her body grow hot and she began to thrust her hips forward slightly humping the air. She felt her small balls clench up then she gave a moan as her cock spurted out… something. She felt her legs stiffen then grow numb and she fell to her knee’s panting slightly at the rush she had felt just from this simple act. She sighed and stood up shakily her cock having shrunk down to it’s one inch size seemingly satisfied with the attention she had given it she never noticed her small balls growing slightly larger though. She then jumped when she heard a knock behind her.

“Hey Lindsay! You take a shower yet we gotta get to the camp site.” A voice sounding like Gwen’s said. Lindsay felt a sweat drop from her face.

“Um… I’ll be out there in a bit I uh… spilled some um… shampoo, on the floor!” Lindsay said nervously “I gotta wash it out.” She said.

“All right see you at the camp site.” Gwen said and she walked out of the shower room, Lindsay sighed then she turned on the water and began to wash the semen on the floor and what she could of her body trying her best not to reinvigorate her new attachment. She washed her body quickly and carefully and hurriedly wiped up the semen on the floor. She then shut off the water, dried herself and put on her new clothes, which were technically a clean pair of the same clothes she normally wore. However she had to be careful when she put on her panties as to not excite her new attachment. When she was clothed she walked out her mind on the Goddess’ words. She didn’t even pay attention to anything really today she did it mostly unconsciously. Luckily she didn’t have to anything strenuous today due to Ezekiel getting voted off and throwing the plans of the challenge off slightly. She mostly sat by herself thinking of her life and how messed up it was now due to a stupid statue. Then the idea came to her, what if she returned the statue? Could it remove this disgusting thing from her? She had to take that chance, and with that in mind Lindsay made plans for the night. However she was unaware of Heather sitting next to her, a malignant glint in her eye.

“Hey Lindsay, how’s it going?” Lindsay jumped slightly, as she very much on edge.

“Oh! Heather um… Hi I guess things are okay.” Heather, nodded.

“Good… Listen I’m forming an alliance with Beth and she thought you might join in too since we’ll need each other to make it through this show.” Lindsay blinked.

“What do you mean?” Heather smiled and leaned closer to Lindsay breathing into her ear.

“I mean, that when I make it to the final’s I’m taking the both of you with me… How does that sound?” Lindsay blushed at the closeness that Heather was to her body and blushed at the hot air being blown into her ear. It was slightly erotic so erotic in fact that she felt her new cock begin to stiffen slightly.

“Uuh… Sure fine! I um… gotta go to the bathroom real quick!” Lindsay said and she stood up and ran out the cafeteria and went to the bathroom shed. She opened the door to find the smelly and dirty lavatory but she had no choice she closed the door. She pulled down her skirt and panties to find her dick standing half erect. “Not again!” She moaned, and she began to jerk off her dick as fast as she could. This time it seemed that just stimulating her cock wouldn’t help. She gave a groan and her other hand searched lower below the balls and down to her wet lips which were now with her juices. She dug her fingers into her folds pushing and rubbing against the walls her cock now leaking a steady stream of pre-cum as she continued to further excite herself. Her muscles stiffened and her balls clenched up. She gave a throaty groan as she orgasmed her cock spurting cum on the wall of the lavatory her knee’s buckling slightly. However due to the enclosed space Lindsay didn’t fall to her knee’s but stood there her leg’s shaking slightly, she panted and gasped, her eye’s closed leaning against the wall. White spots, marking the wall here and there, Lindsay once again never noticed her balls once again swelling up larger than before. They were still small but they were also larger than before, however Lindsay didn’t notice as she put her panties and skirt back on and grabbing some toilet paper wiped the cum off the wall. She sighed then she stepped out of the bathroom and came face to face with a camera. She stared at it.

“What!?” She snarled and she pushed the camera away. Little did Lindsay know that this was only the beginning of her troubles…

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