Total Drama Island Sex Story: "Army of Sluts – Chapter 7"

Noah was not the type to be very sociable, so when he, Trent, Cody and Geoff were asked to remain behind he was very happy since he would finally get some time to read. As soon as he got the chance, he headed straight into the forest with a book and sat down on a log far away from everybody else.

His reading went unperturbed for three hours before a certain blonde showed up at the small clearing where he was reading.

“Tyler, is this the beach?”

Noah looked up to see Lindsay standing alone in front of him. She was wearing the smallest bikini he’d ever seen. The red swimsuit was more suiting to be called a bunch of tiny strips of paper sown together rather than a proper outfit; it barely covered her crotch, her ass was fully visible since the small strip of red cloth sank between her cheeks and her tits were almost entirely exposed, barely covering her nipples and allowing for a lot of cleavage and underboob to be shown.

However, since Noah knew how to keep his base desires in check, he responded to the sight with a simple:

“No Lindsay, this is the forest…And I’m not Tyler.”

“Oh, OK.” Lindsay replied. “Then you wanna come to the beach with me, Tyler?”

“Lindsay, I’m not Tyler.”

“Come one Tyler, it’ll be fun.”

“No.” Noah concluded, having given up on making her realize his real identity.

“Come on…”

Lindsay knelt in front of Noah and began to stroke his crotch through his pants.

“I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Lindsay I…”

Lindsay shushed him and then reached behind herself to her bik kini top’s knot. She quickly undid it and the tiny red garment fell from her chest, unveiling her huge F-cup melons to the boy. Noah wanted to object but she quickly pressed his head to her breasts, drowning him into her ample cleavage.

She unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick, which was erect and firm. She wrapped her delicate fingers around its shaft and began to stroke slowly. Noah tried to speak but the blonde’s enormous rack muffled his every word.

Once she felt he was hard enough, Lindsay knelt down lower and placed her tits on the tip of his dick. Then she pressed them together with her hands and slowly slid her boobs down her shaft, encasing it on the soft wonderland of her soft bosom. All of Noah’s objections banished when he found his penis squeezed gently by her soft mounds and warmed up by her tender, golden skin.

Lindsay bobbed her soft mountains up and down his member, licking his head whenever it popped out of her boobs. She then wrapped her lips around his cock’s head and began to suckle tenderly while she kept stroking his shaft with her bazongas. Her tongue danced around his head, making sure to not leave a single spot untouched by its soft, warm mass.

Eventually the mixture of sensations brought by Lindsay’s tits, mouth and tongue did enough for Noah and he came into the airheaded girl’s mouth, who swallowed it all. She licked her lips and immediately went on to stroking and softly licking the shaft of Noah’s cock to coax him into getting ready again as soon as possible.

Noah could only pant and groan lightly while Lindsay tried to get his cock hard again. Once she did, she pushed him to the ground and stood up, after which she took off her bikini bottoms and straddled him.

She lined up her pussy with his penis and then slowly sank down on it, taking it inside her and moaning as she began to ride him.

Noah was no virgin, and though he’d only had sex a couple times he’d never had a girl as hot as Lindsay. In fact he’d only had one girl, since he preferred to dabble a little more into the male side of sex but still had room for some liking of women. Though as he felt the slick, soft inside of Lindsay’s cunt rubbing against every inch of his dick and watched Lindsay’s titanic boobs jiggle hypnotically up and down with every time she bounced on top of him; he would gladly do only girls if it meant doing her.

While Lindsay fucked Noah, a slim figure approached them from behind Noah. Heather raised her ray gun and took aim at Noah while he was distracted with fucking Lindsay. She wrapped her finger around the trigger but her sight was blocked before she could fire.

“HIYAAAA!” Izzy screamed as she landed on top of Heather’s shoulder, pressing the front of her skirt against the other girl’s face so she wouldn’t fire.

Her scream made Noah and Lindsay become aware of Heather’s presence and even though Noah was fully focused on Heather and Izzy, Lindsay kept riding him.

Izzy leaped off Heather’s shoulders and took hold of the ray gun, trying to snatch it away from the black-haired girl.

“I won’t let you hurt my nerd!” Izzy yelled, aggravating Noah.

“Let go of the damn gun!”


Heather managed to get the ray gun to point at Izzy and then wrapped her finger around the trigger. However, as she squeezed down on it Izzy moved the front of the gun over to her, so the blast struck Heather herself.

The blast’s effects left Heather dizzy long enough for Izzy to shove Lindsay off Noah; pick him up and then run away while carrying him into the forest.

Then the ray’s effects really began to appear on Heather. Her ass began to balloon outwards, retaining its tight, round shape but increasing in volume by a lot. Her juicy bum became ultra sensitive and Heather began to moan as her cheeks rubbed against the fabric of her tiny short shorts. Eventually the shorts gave way and broke, unleashing that firm ass while her hips expanded to adjust to her new butt.

Her tits followed suit, beginning to expand inside Heather’s tiny tube top, which also exploded as soon as her boobs became too large. Her firm globes became larger and rounder progressively yet not losing any of their firmness; they remained absolutely firm, not sagging at all despite their giant size. The creamy, white skin tinged with a bit of yellow sue to her Asian ancestry ballooned outwards to take the shape of two huge G-cup tits. They were even bigger than Lindsay’s boobs.

Heather’s clothes were then replaced. A tiny black thong appeared, barely covering her pussy and sinking between her butt-cheeks which left her ass totally exposed. Then a black dominatrix corset appeared on her torso, pressing her huge boobs against her chest and making her have a really big, really flashy cleavage popping out from the top of the corset. A set of high-heeled leather boots appeared on her feet and then some fishnet stockings attached to a garter belt showed up to match her thong.

Since Heather had accidentally blasted herself, her mind was not altered. Only her body had changed at all.

“Fuck!” Heather yelled. “Look at what that crazy bitch did to me!”

“But Heather, you look totally hot.” Lindsay said.

“Yeah, but I’m a freak!” Heather screamed. “Look at me! That ass and these tits aren’t natural! I look like some freak show bimbo!”

“Can’t you reverse it, or hide it like the other girls did to get to the guys?”

“No, hiding it is only temporary and takes a lot of energy and the effects are irreversible!” Heather yelled at the blonde. “I’m gonna be a huge-boobed fuck doll forever! Plus the bitch that did this to me is running off to tell every other camper about my plan! It makes me so fucking angry, and it makes me even angrier that I’m so fucking horny!”

“Do you want to go tell the others so we can get Izzy?”

“Later. Right now Lindsay, I want you to fuck me!” Heather said.


“Getting this body made me way too fucking horny. I want you to get down and eat out my fucking pussy!” Heather ordered.

Lindsay did as told and knelt down. She pulled off Heather’s thong and began to lick at the black-haired girl’s lower lips. She soon slid her tongue into the waiting cunt and began to deliver the best cunnilingus she ever gave. Ye this was not enough for Heather.

“It’s not enough!” Heather yelled. “Sit down, I know what to do!”

Lindsay sat down and Heather did the same. The Asian girl pulled down the cups of her corset, releasing her enormous rack yet retaining the rest of the garment. She slid one of her legs under one of Lindsay’s and the other over one of the blonde’s. Then Heather slid forward until her pussy was rubbing against Lindsay’s.

Both girls moaned as they began to rub their pussies together. They then embraced, pressing their giant boobs together and rubbing them as well, their nipples lined up and running against each other while the rest of the soft, sensitive skin was squeezed together. They leaned into each other and began to make out. With their mouths open, their tongues sought each other and danced around between their mouths.

The two sluttified girls kept up their scissoring bout for about ten minutes before the sensation of wetness between their pussies was enough to drive them over the edge and make them both cum into each other’s cunts.

They both got up and got dressed. They headed back to the camp to order the rest to look for Izzy in the woods and while Heather had been considerably pleased by her little fuck with Lindsay, her libido wasn’t satisfied and would need servicing again soon.

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