Total Drama Island Sex Story: "Army of Sluts – Chapter 5"

The next day, all the remaining campers had been suspicious as to where Heather, Lindsay, Gwen, Bridgette, Courtney and Duncan were. But Chris merely told them they had been taken away at night for a special challenge.

To keep the next phase of the plan going, Chris told every camper except Cody, Geoff, Trent and Noah to go deep into the woods and make their way across the forest, something which would take them two days, and whomever made it to the other end first would have their team win, but that the previously named campers would participate in a different challenge. Despite a few objections, all the campers made it into the woods except the obviously noted.

Now Heather could continue her despicable plan…


As Geoff had gone for a swim, Trent decided to go into the edge of the woods to play guitar and Noah had stayed in the Gopher Cabin, Cody went for the showers to take a shower.

The geek went into the boys’ side of the communal washrooms. He turned on the shower, but before he began to take his clothes off, he heard another shower going off. He turned around and saw something he did not expect.

The shower that was turned on was hidden by a shower curtain, but behind it he could clearly see the slim figure of the goth girl he loved. Gwen’s silhouette was behind the curtain and Cody could see how she slowly ran her hands across her body, scrubbing her breasts and her ass. He couldn’t see details, but the figure of Gwen showering was enough to give him a hard on.

Then, the goth girls hand came out from behind the shower and grabbed a hanging towel. She turned off her shower and d wrapped the tower around herself. She pulled the curtain open and stepped out.

Gwen was back to her regular slim figure, Heather’s enhancements nowhere to be seen.

“CODY! What are you doing here?”

“This is the guys bathroom.” Cody said.

“Oh. It is?”


Gwen looked down at Cody’s pants and saw his excitement.

“Well Cody, I see you’re happy.” Gwen said.

“Oh, Um.”

“Answer truthfully, does seeing me in a towel turn you on?” She asked.

Cody could only nod.

“Well then, does this turn you on even more?”

Gwen let go of her towel and it slowly fell off her body, exposing her B-cup breasts and pussy to the geek. Her nipples were a dark brown color and she had a trimmed black bush right above her clit.

Cody’s jaw dropped and he literally drooled as he saw that, his dick becoming so hard it was beginning to drain blood out of his brain.

“Could you be any more turned on?”

Cody shook his head.

“Even if I did this?”

Suddenly, Gwen moaned as her tits began to swell. Cody watched in utter shock as Gwen’s B-cups began to inflate. When they reached the C-cups, she took them in her hands and began to squeeze them, teasing her own nipples. Her ass blew out too and soon, all of Heather’s enhancements were back on as the goth stood naked before the geek. His excitement was so big that the button on his pants burst off as his eight inch dick hardened to the point of extreme pain and his pants gave out to release the pressure. The button landed in Gwen’s DD-cup cleavage.

“I think you’re more turned on now that my tits are so huge.” She said, squeezing them. “Hey Cody, want to feel them?”

Without a single extra word, the goth walked to Cody, took his hands and shoved one to each breast. Cody drooled as he felt the heavenly soft tits of the woman he loved.

“I may have just showered, but you’re still dirty.”

She wrapped her arms around him, sliding one hand to his dick and grabbing it, pressing her tits against his chest and making him squeeze her ass with his right hand.

“How about we shower together and I clean you up?”

Cody had had many lewd dreams about Gwen showering with him, but now that it was actually happening, he was shocked beyond movement.

Since he wasn’t reacting, Gwen slowly pulled off the geek’s shirt and lowered his pants and underwear, leaving him naked and before he noticed, she had pulled him inside the shower.

Gwen grabbed a bar of soap and handed it to Cody.

“Cody, I still feel a little unclean, care to soap up my body?” She asked oh-so-seductively.

Cody smiled like Owen in a candy shop and taking the soap, directed it to the goth’s tits. He slowly ran the block of slippery material across the pale girl’s ample chest. While the body got soapy and slippery, Cody also managed to slide his hands over her smooth, soapy, wet skin. He soon finished soaping up her tits and went on to running the bar through her abdomen, thighs, pussy and ass.

“Now let me return the favor.” She said.

The enhanced girl flipped the geek around and Cody waited for something to happen. He got what he was waiting for when Gwen pushed her huge tits against his back. He sighed happily as the goth girl ran both fleshy orbs across his back and soon took to his front pushing the globes against his groin.

His erection hardened triple-fold.

“Looks like somebody is happy.” Gwen teased before squeezing one tit to each side of his manhood, wrapping the seven inches in her breasts. She slowly slid his manhood up and down the skin of her chest and complimented her actions by kissing the top of his dick’s head. She pushed the tenth kiss past her lips, allowing the head to enter her mouth. She teased him by slowly running light circles with the tip of her tongue over the tip of the head until she finally wrapped her enlarged tongue around the head like an Anaconda wraps around its prey. With a few more strokes and boob pushes, the geek came in his beloved’s mouth.

“Now I believe now you’re even dirtier than before…I’ll jsut ahve to wash you again.” Gwen said.

She flipped Cody to lie down on his knees as she pressed her tits against his back again. She slowly rubbed her soap drenched bosom across his back, using her tits as a sponge to clean the geek’s back. After cumming like he had jsut done, Cody enjoyed this. The soft feel of the large bosoms of his love running up and down his back. Soo soothing. So relaxing.

Then, he saw a figure stand ove rhim. Cody looked up to see Heather.

“Hi Heather. You set this up, didn’t you?” Cody asked, pointing to the goth scrubbing his back with her breasts.

“Well, it’s an extra thank you, after all, you did give me the sluttifying gun.” Heather said. “Now this slut is yours to do as you please.”

“Thank you. Now I also believe you said you would do something else if I gave you the gun.” Cody said.

“Of course.”

Heather whistled and the slutified Lindsay, Bridgette, Courtney and Dunny (girl Duncan) came into the bathrooms, all naked.

“Courtney Duncan, fuck each other. Lindsay and Bridgette clean me.” Heather ordered.

Immediately, Dunny and Courtney began to make out and rub their tits together while Lindsay and Bridgette soaped up themselves and began to rub Heather with their bodies. Lindsay rubbed her soaped breasts against Heather’s own tits while Bridgette rubbed ehr giant soaped ass to Heather’s ass.

Cody got hard again while watching this and the slutified Gwen decided to take care of it. She wrapped her and around his swollen erection and began to stroke up and down.

“I love my life.” Cody said.

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