Total Drama Island Sex Story: "Army of Sluts – Chapter 1"

All characters portrayed are 18 or over.

The Island.

Gwen walked down the woods. She had received a note from Trent, telling her to meet up with him in the middle of the woods. As she got to a large clearing in the woods. Then it all happened.

She felt her arms being pulled behind her back and two huge soft things pressing up against the back of her neck. Then, in front of her appeared Heather. She was holding some sort of ray gun in her hand. Gwen spun her head round and saw that Lindsay was holding her.

€œHeather, what the fuck is going on?!€ Gwen yelled.

€œThis, Gwen is the end of your being a problem for me.€ Heather said.

Heather then aimed her ray gun at Gwen.
€œWhat is that?€

€œThis, Gwen, is my whore-gun€¦prepare to become my slutty slave!€ Heather said.

Heather pulled the trigger on the gun. A blast of green light struck Gwen. Gwen immediately felt the changes in her. The energy of the gun flowed through her, altering her hormone balance.

The first changes appeared on her ass. She felt ass her cheeks begun to expand quickly, filling out her panties more and more. Soon she felt her ass rubbing up against the front of Lindsay€™s skirt, pressing into her crotch. Gwen found herself turned on by this. Her breasts soon followed in the changes. Both her tits begun to grow in size, filling her bra. Her B-cups grew and grew. She felt incredibly rousing pleasure as her new and more sensitive nipples rubbed up against the fabric of her bra and tank top. This feeling went away when both her boobs burst out of h her top, both the bra and the top being destroyed.

Then, her clothes begun to change. First, all her clothes banished, but were then replaced by new ones. Her normal top was replaced by a black tube top that was extremely tight on her breasts. The tube top squeezed her breasts so tight to her chest that a lot of flesh practically flowed out the top of the top. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric of the top.

A purple thong replaced her purple panties, her ass clearly displayed behind it and her pussy barely covered in the front. A tiny black skirt appeared on her, but it was so short, it only covered half her ass, and it was also so tight on her ass that the skirt was right about to explode because of the pressure her butt-cheeks were applying to it.

Gwen tried to move after her transformation was over but found out she was unable to.

€œWhat the fuck!€ Gwen yelled. €œWhat did you do to my body?€

€œI slutified it.€ Heather replied. €œYour body€™s hormone balance has been altered to give you a perfect ass and set of tits. As well as giving me the ability to completely take control of your mind.€

€œWhat do you mean?€

€œI mean this.€

Heather yanked down her top, exposing her C-cups.

€œSuckle on my breasts, slave.€ Heather commanded.

Gwen was about to protest, but found herself unable to. She then felt her feet moving against her will. She saw herself walk over to Heather and lean down to her breasts. Involuntarily, Gwen encircled one of Heather€™s erect nipples in her mouth and begun to sexily and lusciously suck on it.

€œYes, good slave, suck on your master€™s tits.€ Heather said.

Heather then pulled away from her tits.

€œNow, you€™re going to do everything I say, and you€™re going to help me enslave every other girl on this island to create my army of sluts.€ Heather said.

€œI don€™t think so€¦you may control my body, but I€™ll tell everybody about what you plan as soon as you get me back in camp.€ Gwen said.

€œRight now, you may control your mind, but I can turn you into my complete mental salve as soon as I want, but first, I want you to be conscious while I humiliate you.€ Heather said. €œNow, to get busy. Lindsay, strip!€

Gwen watched as the blonde began to pull off her clothes, revealing more and more of her body. Soon she was naked. Gwen soon followed after Heather€™s command.

€œAlright, sluts! Go down on each other, now!€ Heather screamed.

Gwen found herself involuntarily walking towards Lindsay; she couldn€™t control any parts of her body at all.

€œHeather, please don€™t make me do this.€ Gwen begged, still walking towards the naked Lindsay.

€œToo late, bitch.€ Heather replied.

Gwen€™s lips involuntarily puckered as she reached the hot blonde. In a second, said lips made contact with the Lindsay€™s and both girls embraced each other in a lover€™s hug as their tongues entered and explored each other€™s mouths. Gwen wasn€™t controlling any of her body parts, but she could feel everything. Her new huge DD tits squishing up against Lindsay€™s Fs. Her hands roaming Lindsay€™s firmly shaped yet incredibly soft ass; Lindsay€™s hands on her ass and Lindsay€™s leg rubbing against her pussy.

€œRelax, Gwen.€ Lindsay said. €œYou€™re gonna love this.€

Lindsay began to lower herself to be level with Gwen€™s breasts. Slowly, Lindsay stuck out her tongue and roughly licked the Goth€™s left nipple. Gwen moaned when the blonde€™s nipple moistened her tit. After the lick, Lindsay began to suck on Gwen€™s nipple, she sucked harder and harder, and despite the fact that Gwen knew that she was being forced to do this and that it was wrong, she couldn€™t help herself and moaned in ecstasy with each of Lindsay€™s sucking motions. The blonde took both of Gwen€™s breasts and squeezed them together, massaging them while she suckled on her left one.

Lindsay begun to further lower herself on Gwen€™s body until she was face to face with Gwen€™s pussy. Lindsay stuck out her tongue and ran it up the Goth€™s pussy, eliciting a huge moan from Gwen. The blonde begun to suck on Gwen€™s swollen clit and then inserted a finger into the Goth. Gwen grabbed Lindsay€™s head and pushed it towards her pussy. Lindsay inserted her tongue into Gwen€™s pussy and spread her love folds as she ran her tongue around Gwen€™s insides, licking up all the fluids that squirted out from there. Gwen went into orgasm as Lindsay simultaneously ran her tongue over her sweet love walls, inserted a finger into her body, spreading her folds and messed with her clit.

Gwen collapsed on the floor after Lindsay€™s pussy treatment. Her huge tits keeping her from fully feeling the ground beneath her.

€œWell, well Gwen, seems you enjoyed Lindsay€™s slut treatment.€ Heather teased.

€œFuck you, Heather.€ Gwen managed to growl.

€œOh, you will€¦just not yet. But for now, let€™s make sure you never speak against me again.€ Heather said. €œCome to me, my slut.€

Despite her attempts to fight off the effects of Heather€™s control over her slutified body, Gwen still got up and walked over to Heather. Heather took Gwen€™s face in her hands and brought it forward. With that, Heather planted a lustful kiss on Gwen€™s lips. She forced her tongue into the Goth€™s mouth and explored it. Then, Gwen began to succumb to the total mind control effects of the slutfication. She felt herself loving the kiss, and immediately loving Heather. She felt like she could do anything Heather asked her, because everything Heather asked her to do would be right. After all, Gwen was now in love with Heather and she€™d do anything for the person she was in love with.
Gwen moaned in disappointment when Heather broke their kiss.

€œWhat do you have to say now?€

€œI love you Heather.€ Gwen said.

€œExcellent.€ Heather said. €œNow, you will help me turn every other girl in this island into my slut slaves.€

€œYes, I want everyone to feel the love I feel for you.€ Gwen said.

€œExcellent.€ Heather said, evilly.

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