Total Drama Island Sex Story: "Total Drama Remix: Rockin The Stage – Chapter 1"

A/N: Ok, people. This is the first chapter of TDR: RTS… ok, actually it’s just a preview to get some feed back about how I’m writing the story so I could try to make it better. Remember, this is my first attempt at writing a story. So be brutal, unlike some people I can take it. Anyway, that’s all I gotta say for now. Remember to read ALL of the chapter. Because there’s gonna be something important and I don’t want people to miss it.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Total Drama Island in any way, shape, or form. And I do NOT own anything you think I might not own.

A tall Caucasian male with black hair and distinctive green eyes came walking to the center of the stage in the large outdoor amphitheater. The young man looked around the age of twenty. He seemed to have a lean yet muscular build, and was about maybe five feet and eleven inches tall. He also seemed to give off a vibe of having and calm, cool, and collected disposition.

This young man was accompanied by another young man. He too was had the same similar features, yet he also had a few features that made in stand out greatly. His teal colored eyes, many piercings, and that streak of green hair styled into a mohawk really made him an unusual sight to see. Also unlike the person he was accompanying, he seemed to give off more an angered, intimidating, and slightly disgruntled vibe.

Both were now standing at the center of the stage, and each holding a microphone in hand.

Dude, where the hell is the camera crew?! They’ ‘re already twenty minutes late! the young man with the piercings exclaimed in anger.

Duncan, chill, they said they’ll be here soon… You know… Courtney is really starting to rub off on you. the other young man replied.

Shut it. Duncan spat back as he started to walk off the stage.

Where are you going? The camera crew’s gonna be here any minute.

Duncan just flipped off Trent as he pulled out his cell phone and jumped down from the stage. He started texting as he proceeded to the back of the amphitheater.

Trent sighed as he sat down on the edge of the stage.

He couldn’t believe he and Duncan got tricked into doing this. They were the hosts of the new show Total Drama show. Ever since Chris got sued for TDI and TDA, the producers of the series have been looking for a new host. Luckily for them, but not so lucky for Trent and Duncan, all the former campers had unknowingly signed a contract that stated that it was mandatory for them to participate in being a host if the producers called for it. Why they specifically Trent and Duncan were picked to be the hosts were unknown to him. Trent could understand why he himself was picked, but couldn’t understand why they would also pick Duncan.

He was pretty sure that Duncan couldn’t play an instrument. And he knew most definitely that he couldn’t sing, even if his life depended on it.

Trent’s thoughts were interrupted as he heard someone calling this name.

Hey Trent, Duncan called, the camera crew is here.

Trent sighed as he got up from the stage, ‘And so the torture begins…’ he sighed as he got his microphone and took his place in front of the camera beside Duncan, Hello television viewers of the world! This is Total… Drama… Remix! Rockin’ the stage edition!

Yes, he knew the torture had just begun…

Alright. Now I’m gonna tell you who got in so far…


Sae Henna- the friendly surfer girl sent in (a Bridgette) by NightxOwl

Aria Gale- the shy musician sent in by AmethystFeather

Amber Marsh- the overly hyper, crazy whacked out chick (an Izzy) sent in by woahh

Andrea Juanita (whoever sent in this character I need to give it a last name because Juanita doesn’t really fit as a last name) – the sexy/feisty Latina sent in by Princess Tikal Calafiore

Sophia Lopez- the antisocial over-achiever (a Courtney) sent in by PurpleFunkyTown

Ashlynn Armendariz- the punker/goth (a Gwen) sent in by MusicLover48

Yuki Sakura- the nice girl sent in by Insane Dreamer 101

Hailey Rose Louis- the teenage mom sent in by Rosalie-Hale-Culllen (a/n: I NEED you to enable your account to allow that you get private messages because I need to discuss with you the situation about what part your character is gonna have in story. This is very important because if I’m not able to go over what’s gonna happen with your character with you, I’ma just do what I had in mind anyway without letting you have a say in it. I don’t know if you’re gonna like my idea or not, so it’s best if you enable the PM feature.)


Miguel Pena- the ghetto pretty boy/party boy sent in by Hood Star

Marcos Serrano- the gang banger/delinquent-outsider my character

Juan Jos™ Rodriguez- the nice jock sent in by Juan Jose Rodriguez

Gerald Andrews- the whacked out stalker (a Cody mixed with Izzy) sent in by Paka-Simon-Trevor-Forever

A/N: Those are the characters that got in so far. I’m sorry if I messaged you promising that your character was in, but like I said, your character was replaceable. And as for those of you who sent in interns… I’m not gonna really use them. Because with the new plot I thought of, they’re not really necessary. Feel free to send in an actual character though. Anyway, there are THREE female spots left and SEVEN male spots left. So for the girls, keep in mind that I still need a bitch stereotype (a Heather basically), and for the guys I still need… I don’t know find out. So yes, this means I’m still accepting apps. And as for those of you who’s characters didn’t get in, I’m sorry… ok, I’m lying. I’m actually gonna be honest with you. I’m actually not sorry that your character(s) didn’t get in. To be honest, I could care less that they didn’t get in. I know that was really messed up to say, but I’m just being honest. I ain’t gonna be the type to lie and sugar-coat things. I’ma get to the point now. There are three reasons why I most likely didn’t pick your character(s):

1) You didn’t use the application that I provided (there’s a reason why I put it there, I didn’t say to just put whatever).

2) The spot was already filled.

3) I thought your character was too stereotypical, I hated them, they didn’t meet my standards, I thought he/she was wack, etc.

I’m a very picky person and I like things to be very specific. I’m actually very hard to please too… so yeah. Anyway, that’s about it. If your character didn’t get in, then feel free to send in a different one, but make sure you throughly read all of the first chapter before submitting, and you MUST use the given application. That is all.

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