TotalDrama Pornography Story: Full Drama High College Chapter 7

TotalDrama Pornography Story: Full Drama High College Chapter 7


Duncans POV.

So after we gave are
lunch to Owen we sat at table with no one with everybody still
staring at me. Heith and I sat parallel to each. I started to look
around. Gwen was getting a soda, Owen was eating the food we gave him
while Izzy look at me mad, and everybody else was either staring at
me or Bridgette.

Hey, why are people
starting at you Heith asked

Country said that
Heather started a rumor that me and Bridgette are going out

Is it a rumor?

Yes I bet that
I look like I was lying because Heith than said

You 2 are going out

Shut Up

I wont tell


Or maybe I will

What I heard
feet starting to come over

Duncan dont start
doing the what thing again Bridgette said walking to throw away
her trash

What is the what
thing Heith asked. Bridgette than came back and said

Where Duncan cant
stopping saying what

Will you stop? I

Sure Gwen then
sat down

What where you guys
and Bridgette talking about

Some what thing I
told hear
. She looked confused Dont asked

I wont Owen
walks over to Heith

Here Heith $2.00 for
the food and sorry Duncan but I only have 75 cents so here.

Thanks Owen
walk away
Hey Gwen how much is a Pop

75 cents

Well I going to buy
a pop I started to walk to so the Soda machine to see Bridgette
there. Finally people stop starting at me. Once I got to the Soda
machine Bridgette turn around crashing into me making are lips touch.

Dont say what


Do you have a
quarter? I reach into to my pocket. I had $1.00.

Nope She
started to look at me like I was lying
fine I gave heard
one of my quarters.

Thank you.


Dont say what

Fine so wha

Dont say what

Fine so are you
doing anything tonight

Babysitting my
little brother

Is he a baby or like
a 6 years old

5 year old

So want any help
with that

Sure and thanksfor giving me this quarter she said holding a quarter

You starting to act
like me

Guess I will see you
in prison then. She walks away with a Diet Pepsi. I look at the
choices: Pepsi, diet Pepsi, MT Dew, diet Mt dew or Sunkist. I pick
Pepsi. After 10 minutes of talking to Gwen and Heith. The bell rang.
Next was art. Yesterday it got cancel because of announcement. I
threw my pop in the recycling bin and went to art.

Try to get next one
up today or Tomorrow.

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