Full Drama Pornography Story: Days at the Beach Chapter 1

Full Drama Pornography Story: Days at the Beach Chapter 1

at the Beach

in the TDI Couple Series

1: Hang Ten Bra!

at the beach, to surf and to swim!

Geoff can help Bridgette-

mean, where she can help him.

thought that Bridgette had to be one of the most beautiful things on
the beach. While she surfed, he sat by his best friend Duncan,
staring at her, looking at the way she smiled, the way her hair blew
in the beach air. He was literally intoxicated in her- and in a good
way. Not in the way that always made him throw up at parties. That
was awesome too, because he could stare at his favorite Dudette, not
get a hangover, and like her as much as he wanted and not feel even
tipsy in the slightest. Well, at least not all that loopy.

was no secret that Geoff was crazy over Bridgette- everyone knew.
They looked great together, but they had both yet to embrace that the
other liked them too. For saps, Geoff and Bridgettes relationship
would be the perfect romance novel, and for others, they may find it
a bit vomit inducing.

people found it to be romantic.

did not.

found Geoff staring at Bridgette to be your typical party animal
trying to get a typical beach chick. We all know how it ends- making
out, locking lips- whatever you liked to call it, some pair would be
sharing some spit soon.

wish I could surf with her. The blonde blurted out, looking
towards the green mohawked criminal sitting beside him. Geoff though
quickly (which was rather hard for him) to say something manlier
before Duncan got a word in. Geoff had to watch what he said in front
of him, because you could either get some advice or a very crude
remark in response. You couldnt get too mushy, or the jail bird
was never gonna take you seriously.

tipped his hat a bit, puffing up his chest. You know, because
babes love surfer dudes. Wow.
that he couldnt come up with a manlier comment than that, he
slumped back down, letting his hat fall over his eyes.

didnt seem to care though. He shrugged. Geoff watched from under
the rim of his cowboy hat as Duncan- who was quite bored with the
whole conversation- drew a skull in the sand with his pinky finger.
Ask her to teach you then. He yawned, as if he werent on a
beach in the middle of the day, with the hot sun beating down on him.
Chicks dig guys in need.

narrowed his eyes in confusion. Wait, wait, wait- girls like

snorted. No, dumbass, they like hot guys who dont act like they
know everything. He pulled at one of his piercings, blankly
staring at his rather literally and figuratively blonde friend.

still dont get it.

fumed. Its logic! He pulled Geoff close to him. Guys
always like a damsel in distress, right? So why not the other way
around? Chicks dig a dude in distress. His voice was low down to a
whisper, as if anyone hearing would throw him in jail (typical
Duncan). All you have to do is tell Malibu over here that you need
some help with surfing, that its always been your dream to surf.
Suck up. Kiss up. Dont throw up. Then shes like putty in your
hands. He smirked devilishly.

wasnt too sure if he liked the way that sounded. Putty?

the palm of your hands. Duncan leaned back, picking something out
of his teeth.

dude, said Geoff, frowning, I dont wanna learn to surf.
He sucked in a deep breath. He looked out towards the waves, crashing
against the now the not-so-very-soft-looking sand. I mean, not
that it doesnt look cool, but it seems deadly bra. He also
wasnt sure he wanted to lie to Bridgette. Geoff wasnt good at
lying. It made him all uncomfortable.

also had to realize that Duncan liked Courtney. So Duncans pick up
lines and hook-ups were all Courtney related. Not Bridgette. Courtney
was more- how do you say not as sweet and caring as most people?
Definitely not as sweet as Bridgette. She did have her nice moments,
but they were rare. Duncans advice might not be the best for him.
Geoff almost said something about this to the green haired teen, but
stopped himself short. Duncan could take it to be not just offensive
to him, but to Courtney. And saying something about her put you in a
wrong spot with Duncan.

shrugged, his eyes sarcastic. The things youll do for love.
He blinked his eyes sleepily, then jumped up quickly, his eyes wide.
Holy shit!

stared at him in confusion. Whats wrong man?

a few seconds, Duncan seemed to recollect his thinking.
I-uh-she-hot-um. He ran his fingers through his Mohawk. Gotta
go! He stated, running off, sand trailing behind him.


of everybody, his love life had to be the hardest. Everything that
came out of his mouth around her was so
screwed up. Even giving her simple compliments or asking easy
questions was complicated. He always said the wrong thing, unlike
super-smooth Trent and overly-confident Duncan. They never had
trouble talking to chicks. How could it be so easy for them and so
tough for party-hardy Geoff?

Geoff, whats up?

jumped, turning to look at the blonde beauty before him. He couldnt
help but get lost in her deep green eyes. He smiled, just because she
was in a 5 foot radius of him. And because of that amazing bikini.

Geoff sat there and practically drooled over her, Bridgette watched
him in confusion. Maybe
I should have worn my usual swim gear.
usually wore her suit that was good for surfing and catching waves.
She wasnt used to having boys ogle over her. But Gwen had nearly
forced her to buy it.

on Bridgette! It looks great on you!

who usually disagreed with Gwen- hadnt been much help either.

gonna love this.

made her cheeks go pink when she thought about that.

wasnt as if she didnt like attention from Geoff. It was just
that everyone knew that she liked him- which was upsetting. Was she
really that obvious? Did Geoff find her desperate? She wasnt one
for nothing all too much about relationships, but she knew enough to
know that desperation wasnt all that attractive.

she wondered what he was thinking. She just couldnt believe that
he was as dumb as people thought he was. She knew that Geoff did have
complex thoughts. It was just that he never said them aloud, and she
just found that to be very attractive. She hated boys who bragged
about crap that nobody cared about. He didnt have to play the
guitar, or be a bad boy whos gone to juvie, or have any other
amazing talents or qualities. He was just Geoff.

wished that he was thinking the same thing she always thought when
she saw him- I
sort of kinda- alright I really, really like you.

Shooing that thought away, she wondered if she was going to be able
to get a response out of him. Judging by his blank expression and
bland stare, he wasnt speaking anytime soon.

Geoff. She spoke again. Whats up?

looked at her again, this time with the realization that she had been
speaking to him. Oh, not much Bridge. He messed with his hat
again, trying to think about what Duncan had said before.

you have to do is tell Malibu over here that you need some help with
surfing, that its always been your dream to surf. Suck up. Then
shes like putty in your hands.

heard of putty? Geoff then realized what he had just said.

Bridgette said, raising an eyebrow, sounding exactly like Geoff had
earlier. I mean yeah, Ive played with it before, when I was
little. She looked confused.

scratched the back of his neck. Yeah, um, me too. Now
say what you need to say.
sat up straight, and bit his lip. I was just wondering if you
would, uh, teach me to surf or something.

saw a look of surprise flash across her features.


she really tell that he was lying? Was he really that obvious?

he felt his hands begin to feel clammy. As long as youre not
doing anything. If youre busy, then I would like totally
understand. He looked to her, afraid of what she may think. No,
Im not gonna teach you! I like smart guys, not stupid fools who
ask questions about putty!

thats awesome! Geoffs ears perked up, he eyes on hers. Id
love to teach you. You could be my surfing partner, if you want.
She smiled happily.

felt his heart flutter. He couldnt believe it. Duncans advice
had actually worked!

headed out to the water, and Geoff called after her. Where you
going Bridge?

turned and rolled her light green eyes at him. You wanna learn to
surf right? Well, the only way thats gonna happen is in the
water! Her feet danced across the clear water, and then she

wouldnt happen to have a surf board on you, would you? The
blonde girl asked.

wiped a bead of sweat off his head. Nope! He tried not to sound
too happy about it. Now he wouldnt have to surf. And he and
Bridgette could talk for a bit, and then they would make out on the
beach for the next four hours.

smiled. I guess you can just use mine! She walked past his and
towards the edge of the beach. Let me get it out of my car.

almost stopped her and told her the truth- he didnt wanna surf.
But then she kissed him on the cheek lightly, running to her car with
a blush on her face.

sighed. This was gonna be a long day.

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