TotalDrama Pornography Story: Noah’s Fresh Groove – Chapter Four

TotalDrama Pornography Story: Noah’s Fresh Groove – Chapter Four

Head Butting

DJ walked through the park silently. He was feeling really bad. The animal adoption club helped homeless animals find homes. And it was a place where DJ could hang out with his best friends, Cody, Katie, and Sadie. The four of them worked hard to make a great club; even resorting to using the last available school room. Where would the animals go? They would have to beliquidated. All because the president wanted a private pool deck.

It was twilight, and it took DJ over an hour to get through the park. Sure, the bus would get him home in about fifteen minutes, but on bad days, the park usually helped DJ cheer up. But it wasnt working today. Especially since he was to meet with Cody, Katie and Sadie at his house.

DJ left through the west exit, and onto the streets of Toronto once again. His house was now just a few blocks away. But he felt like he had cement shoes. He still wasnt sure how his friends would take the closure of their club. Katie and Sadie would probably flip out or cry. Cody might try to fight back, which would be pointless.

DJ came to house, and opened the door. His mother informed him that his friends were out back. DJ pretended to be happy, and walked out back.

Hey DJ, Cody greeted. Whats up man?

Hi DJ! Katie and Sadie greeted at once.

Hey guys, DJ said, waving. Hope I didnt keep you waiting too long.

No worries man, Cody replied. We just helped ourselves to a few of your sodas.

Ohmigosh, Katie said. I love your grape pop, DJ.

Me too, Sadie agreed. Both squealed. So why were you late today?

DJ stopped. Umwellour class president wanted to see me, he said twisting the shoulder strap of his duffel bag.

For what? Cody asked

About our club, DJ responded.

Our animal adoption club? Sadie asked. That reminds me, today Katie and I found a new dog that we can bring in.

Its a toy poodle! Katie added. Her old owner calls her Puddles. And hes soooo cute!

DJ rubbed his neck. Heh heh. Great guys. Listen. I have to put my gym clothes away. Ill be back in a sec.

DJ slowly walked up the stairs. He dragged his duffel bag, letting it bump on every stair. He turned left and went to his room. He opened his window, and let the brisk air in. Some stars were visible. DJ sighed deeply.

Wait wait! Hold on a second. Last time I checked, this story wasnt called DJs new groove. Remember, this story is about the guy in the duffel bag. Not him, me! Just to be clear.

DJ looked up at them while opening his duffel bag. He stuck his hand in, and was startled when he felt something furry. He peered into the bag, and found something surprising. A young rabbit, who looked like he was about to wake up. DJ picked him up gently.

Well hello there little fella, DJ said with kindness. Howd you get in there? DJ wasnt expecting an answer. But thats what he got.

Ug the rabbit moaned. What happened?


Demon bunny!? Noah, the rabbit, asked. Where?! Noah stood up to look around, then started to run. But when he tried to run on his two back legs, he found himself tripping over them, and tumbled into a dresser.

Stay calm, bunny, DJ said. I mean you no harm

Noah rubbed his head. What are you talking about?

Hearing this, DJ recognized the voice. He then realized the hair on the rabbits head looked familiar. Noah..? He asked.

President Noah, Noah corrected, righting himself. Where on earth– he looked at DJ. Hey, I remember you! Youre that kid from the club. DJ!

UmNoah, DJ said. Why dont you look at your hand.

What is this, Noah muttered, lifting up his paw. An eye exam? He looked at where his hand should have been. Instead he saw a paw. Noah suddenly jumped back.

Gah! What happened!? DJ tried to calm him down, but Noah ignored him and scrambled for the nearest mirror. He was horrified to find a rabbit staring back at him.

AAUUGGHHH! Im a stupid rabbit?! How on earth did this happen? Noah moaned.

Calm down, DJ said. Now try to remember. What happened?

Noah sat and thought. Lets see, he began. I was president, living the great life, and I was placing an order for my pool palace He angrily stared at DJ. And there was you! You didnt want me to take your precious club! So you turned me into a rabbit and kidnapped me!

What!? DJ shouted. What are you taking about!? Why would I turn you into a rabbit?!

Im not the evil genius here, big guy! Noah said.

Evil Genius?!

Youre right. Thats giving you way too much credit.

Noah sat and thought out loud. Okay, okayHeather has that secret lab(here he made quotation marks in the air). I just go back to school, snap my fingers, and order her to change me back! Noah turned to DJ. And you are gonna take me back!

Me? DJ asked.

So come on, tiny Noah said, hopping out of DJs room. Times a wastin!

DJ started to follow, but then stopped. Build your pool room somewhere else, he said sternly.

Noah stopped. What? he asked.

If you want me to take you back, you have to promise to build that pool room somewhere else.

Newsflash braniac, Noah began. Im the senior class president! I build what I want where I want it! An Noahs Pool Palace is going in that zoo of a room!

Then Im not taking you back to school, DJ said.

Fine! Noah said. He hopped out the front door. Ill go myself. He looked down the street. If thats the park over there, all I have to do is follow the signs, and Ill find my way back to school.

I wouldnt do that! DJ said. That parks really scary at night. Its filled with all sorts of crazy people!”

Oh, Im so scared, Noah mocked. Fraidy cat! He hopped down the block, towards the park.

Wait! DJ said, but he stopped himself. Fine. If theres no Noah, theres no Noahs Pool Palace! DJ walked out the back door to join his friends.

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