TotalDrama Pornography Story: Misunderstandings Chapter Six

TotalDrama Pornography Story: Misunderstandings Chapter Six

Chapter 6: What he did for me

I woke up a few hours later. Standing up from the bed and slowly feeling my way towards the door I headed up the stairs. A cold wind met me outside, so did the smell of hamburgers. Hey, I see your up. Chris voice greeted walking over to me and leading me to a seat at the back of the boat. I sat down and nodded. Well be at the mainland soon but I was so hungry I couldnt wait. I made some burgers, want some? I nodded again. He left and returned soon with two hamburgers. I took mine thankfully and bit into it. Chris sat next to me and asked, You arent very chatty, everything ok? I stopped in mid bite and swallowed nervously.

I guess so. I just had the weirdest dream while I was asleep is all.

Oh yeah? What of?

Well I dreamed that we were back at camp. I was sitting on the beach when suddenly Duncan walked up behind me. He sat next to me and he said that he was sorry, and asked for me to forgive him. Then you sat next to me on the other side and told me not to listen to him. You said he was lying and that I should follow you. I got scared and stood up when suddenly the scenery switched and we were at the high cliff we jumped off of on the first day. You both held your hands out and told me to choose. I started to reach towards Duncan when the cliff started to fall under me. I panicked and reached towards you. You grabbed my hand and pulled me to safety. Then Duncan fell off the cliff. But as he fell he said that he loves me and that he all ways will.

There was a long silence before Chris responded. Well that certainly is a strange dream.

What do you think it means?

Im Im not sure. Maybe it doesnt mean anything. Maybe it was only a dream.

I guess so We continued to eat in silence when suddenly the boat stopped. I lurched forward and I all most fell off my seat before Chris grabbed my hand.

Sorry. We just reached the docks on the mainland. I guess I should have warned you.

Its ok. Im fine. He helped me down off the boat. I felt the wood of the dock under my feet and swayed a little.

You ok?

Ya. Sill got my sea legs on I guess. Chris laughed and led me off the docks onto the solid pavement of the sidewalk. I wrinkled my nose at the smell of smog and cars, sighing sadly. I think I miss the island all ready. I said as he led me down the sidewalk.


Well yeah I miss my friends for one thing. Before I came to the island I didnt have many friends no friends actually. I always thought friends would hold me back, that they would get in the way of winning. Not very many people liked me anyways. Ill also miss the clean fresh air of the island. The air here is so thick and dirty. Ill miss the wild life to. Ill miss walking through the cool forest and hearing all the sounds of nature all around me. That place was actually like my personal paradise. If you take away the crappy food, fix up the cabins, and clean up the lake a bit that place could be like a resort.

A resort huh? You dont say. Maybe thats what Ill do with the island once the show is over. We stopped suddenly, and I heard the sound of a car door opening. Hop in. I was a little nervous but I knew I could trust Chris, so I got in. He closed the door and walked around the other side and got in the drivers seat. He started the car and I felt it start to pull out of its place.

So Chris, what is this surprise you have waiting for me? He laughed a little bit beside me.

Well if I told you it would be a surprise now would it? I smiled.

No. I guess it wouldnt. We drove for about 20 minutes before the car stopped again. Chris got out and quickly walked around the other side to let me out.

Were here. He said as he helped me out of the car.

Where exactly is here anyway? I asked looking around even though I couldnt see anything.

Youll see. I frowned slightly. One because Chris said I would see where we are, and two because he wasnt telling me where we were. We walked up some steps and entered a building through automatic doors. I heard voices all around me. I didnt focus on any voice in particular, I just moved closer to Chris as he led me somewhere. We stopped soon.

Name please, an unfamiliar female voice said from in front of us.

Chris McClain. He answered. I heard the woman flip though a book of some kind before responding.

Ah yes. Chris McClain. Is this her? she asked. I imagined she was looking at me.

Yes, he answered calmly.

Very well. Right this way. The woman stood up from her seat behind us and opened a door. Chris led me through it and we walked down some kind of hall, our footsteps echoing off the walls. At this point I was starting to get really scared. I opened my mouth about to ask Chris where we were when he squeezed me hand gently. I closed my mouth and followed him silently. Another door opened in front of us and we walked in.

Right then. Miles will be with you in a moment Miss Medeiros. Might I just say you are very lucky to have Miles, not very people get him. After that she left the room.

Chris where are we? Who was that just now and who is this Miles guy? I asked, my voice shaking with fear. He sat me down on some sort of cushioned reclining chair and he pulled up another chair to sit in front of me.

All right. Since were here Ill tell you. Were in a hospital. He paused a moment for the words to sink in. That women was just a nurse here. And as for Miles, that nurse was right when she said youre lucky to have him. Hes the best eye surgeon around.

Eye surgeon?

Yes. I brought you here so Miles could give you eye surgery. If everything goes right and you get a little lucky, you might be able to see again. There was a long silence.

You would do that for me Chris? I whispered.

Of coarse. I wasnt lying when I said you meant a lot to me, Courtney. I would do anything for you I was caught off guard, but quickly over came it and smiled at him.

Thank you Chris. I cant believe you would do this all for me its the nicest thing anyone has every done for me… I felt tears roll down me cheeks as he stood up and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back, smiling. Suddenly I heard a voice in my head.

‘Do you really have the same feelings for him as he does for you?’ It asked.

‘I dont know. I couldnt just say no to him, after all hes going through for me.’ I answered.

‘You must choose.’

‘Choose what?’

‘Choose between Chris and Duncan smart one.’

‘Duncan? Why would I choose Duncan after what hes done to me? Ill never forgive him for what he did. I hate him.’

‘Thats what you all ways say. Thats what you said that night on the island after the hooked hand story, and yet you jumped into his arms right after. And the next morning you woke up with your arms wrapped around him.’

‘That didnt mean anything! It was dark and I was just a little rattled after the story. And as for the cuddling thing that meant nothing either! I was asleep! I cant control my body when Im asleep. You would have jumped into his arms to after hearing that story to anyways, and after hearing some kind of wolf in the distance.’

‘No, I wouldnt have actually. Im your conscious. I couldnt jump into his arms even if I wanted to which I do and you know you do to.’

‘Oh shut up! I want nothing to do with him! I hate him!’

‘Thats what you said on the fear challenge, and yet you held his hand encouraging him to hug the Celien Dion standee. After he did you ran up to him, told him he was awesome, and hugged him. What do you call that?’

‘That that was nothing to! I was only trying to get him to complete the stupid challenge so we could win. Oh and I call that strategy!’

‘Really? Seams a lot like love to me. Admit it Courtney, you love Duncan not Chris.’

‘Have you been listening to anything Ive said?’

‘Well ya. I do live in your brain after all.’

‘Well I wish you would move out!’

‘No can do Princess.’

‘Hey! No one calls me Princess except Duncan!’

‘Aha! See, you do love him!’

‘I do not! And like I said, Ill never forgive him for making me blind! I told you that already.’

‘But what happens if the surgery turns out well? What if youre able to see again? What will you do then?’

‘I I dont know. Stop asking me these questions! I hate him and thats that!’

‘And yet you were going to tell him you loved him a few days ago. What happened to that?’

‘That was before he made me blind.’

‘He was only trying to protect you, and you know it.’

‘Oh just go away all ready! Im not going to listen to you. I hate Duncan and I all ways will.’

‘Fine, have it your way Princess. The time will come soon when you need to decide, and you need to be ready with your answer.’

‘Hey! I said no one calls me Princess but Duncan!’ But the voice had gone. I wondered how long I had been arguing with my conscious, but it couldnt have been long because Chris let go of me right when the door opened again.

Ah you must be Courtney Medeiros, yes? Came a warm male voice. He stood next to me and touched my shoulder so I knew where he was. My name is Dr. Miles as you probably know, but you can just call me Miles. Dont worry about anything, Ive treated many blind patients who have gone on to live normal lives. I smiled at how reassuring his voice was and I calmed down a little. Just lie down and relax. Im going to give you something that will make you sleep so you dont feel any pain, ok? I nodded and lied back on the recliner. Miles slipped something over my mouth and after a few minutes in began to feel sleepy.

Chris I called. I heard his footsteps as he walked to stand beside me. I held up my and he took it, holding it firmly.

Im right here Courtney. He whispered.

Chris Im scared.

Dont be. Miles is the best there is and if he cant help you, no one can. Ill be right here next to you the whole time, ok? I nodded and smiled. Dont worry, youll be able to see again I promise. I closed my eyes but before I fell asleep I heard the voice in my head again.

‘You wish it were Duncan here standing beside you, dont you?’

‘I thought I told you to scram!’

‘Fine fine! Sheesh.’ The voice left my head but before I fell asleep I wondered about what it said. ‘DO I wish it were Duncan here instead of Chris?’ I didnt have much time to think about it anyways, I fell asleep right after it left.

Und so the OOC continues. It’s pretty heavy in this chap. But remember, they’re supposed to be a bit OOC. Makes it more interesting. (And easier to write :3) I like how Sour Candy put it. I’m sort of making the charactors my own while still keeping some of their natural themness. I know the whole YOU MUST CHOSE thing is cliche but whatever. I tossed in the arguement with Courtney’s concious since I was content with just ending it there. Besides a little inner turmoil is just what Court needs at the mo. So enjoy Misunderstandings part 6. This is right around the middle so I’m thinking it’ll have 10 or 11 chapters plus an epilouge. Keep reading to find out of the surgery goes well. And don’t forget to review. ^_^

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