TDI Season Two: Vengeance of camp Wawanakwa – Chapter Six

TDI Season Two: Vengeance of camp Wawanakwa – Chapter Six

Yes, I know, Im an awful person for not updating in so long. But Im determined not to give up on this story. So now onto the next chapter.


Morning; Killer Unicorns Cabin

Jake! Lilly banged again on the bathroom door, Come on, hurry up. I need to take a shower and you better not have used up all the hot water! There was no answer and Lilly groaned, accidentally dropping her hairbrush and towel on the freezing cabin floor.

Not a morning person are we, Lilly? Danny acknowledged from the top bunk of the bed closest to the exit.

Lilly sighed and leaned against the bathroom door, Sorry. I get sort of cranky when I dont get enough sleep. Of course, she glared at Nikki, if someone hadnt insisted on getting up at three AM to wash the floor

Nikki avoided Lillys stare from her position on the ground, practically scrubbing a rut into the wood, Well, it was just so dirty so I started cleaning it, and the more I cleaned the more I noticed the dirt andpleasedontkillmeLillyImtooyoungtodie!

Lilly was about to respond, but suddenly, the door swung open and Lilly (who had been leaning on the door) fell backwards into Jake.

Acting a bit clumsy today, Lilly? Jake asked, setting his things down on the bed under Dannys.

What is it with you people and rhetorical questions?! she demanded, storming into the now vacant bathroom and slamming the door behind her.

Myri had been attempting to ignore their conversation and sleep for a few minutes longer, but she was jolted awake with the sound of the slamming door. She reluctantly got out of bed and muttered sleepily, Uh, Nikki, how long have you been cleaning that spot?

Oh, just a few minutes. She answered with a shrug of her shoulders.

Mark jumped down from his bunk, No it wasnt. I remember seeing you down in that same place at least two hours ago.

Nikki, is something wrong? Myri asked hesitantly.

Uh no. Itsjustreallydirtythatsall. Nikki said in a rush, keeping her eyes on the ground.

Mark laughed, What are you, OCD or something, Nikki? he asked sarcastically.


Okay Myri said skeptically, than she turned to address the group Well, todays challenge is an important one, Killer Unicorns. Its our last chance to claim dominance in this game. If we loose this one, theyll slaughter us in the rest of the challenges. So be on your best game, alright people?

Right! Came a chorus of three voices. Im really getting good at this leader thing, Myri thought.

Eh, whatever, Danny muttered.

Morning; Screaming Yettis cabin.

Lauren yawned and stretched. She sat up quickly, realizing that it was morning and accidentally banged her head on the bunk above her, Ouch!

Keep it down, Tree Hugger. Im trying to sleep. Sapphire said.

Lauren ignored her and stood, surveying the room of sleeping teens, S time to get up.

Uh, all that yodeling Shane started getting out of bed, Its gonna kill us to have to listen to it every night. Chris wasnt kidding about the whole practice from midnight to five thing.

Yeah, unless the challenge is who can fall asleep the fastest were done for! Sapphire remarked.

Lez suddenly rolled over too far in his bunk, and fell off it into Teresas bed below. Teresa awoke when he landed and screamed. She Judo- chopped his arm, and Lez quickly got up, holding his injured limb. He then proceeded to trip over someones suitcase, and slam into the wall. Im okay He said, sitting up, Has anyone seem my glasses? (AN: Yes, I know there was nothing in Lezs application about him having glasses, but I totally picture him wearing them so Im just going to write him with them if thats alright with you, nycm-e-t)

Yeah, theyre on the ground next to your bed, Benny said, Here, catch.

No, wait! I cant see- but Benny had already tossed to them to Lez and one of the lenses broke off and shattered upon impact with the floor, – well enough to catch them Lez finished, picking up the shards, and glaring at Benny.

Oops. Benny said, quickly heading over to help see if he could fix them. Which he couldnt.

Teresa finally spoke up saying, Hey, Lez, look Im really sorry about nearly breaking your arm and stuff. You just scared me for a second there.

Lez put on the glasses, which looked relatively silly having only one lens, Its okay. You know, this is just like that time in Battle Ship 3 – the Intergalactic War when you get to the fifteenth level and the door to the next level is like right there and then the Evil Space Chickens come down and fire their eggs of doom. I can never get past them. There was a moment of awkward silence, Now that I think about it that really didnt have much to do with anything. It made much more sense in my head.

Sapphire jumped off her bed, nearly landing on Lauren in the process, Wheres Will?

I dont know, you think the author forgot about him? Lauren asked.

No way, Shane said as if reading a cue card, the all- powerful author could never do that. He stopped, then demanded of no one in particular, Okay, who writes this junk?!

Im over here! Will shouted from the other side of the room, Yes Ive been here this entire time, knitting or doing something else totally OOC.

Good to know, Lauren replied.

Confession Cam

Lez: Mornings are like explosives. Its fun to see things get blown up on those cheap, low- budget action movies. But in real life? Not so much.


Lilly: Im really glad we didnt have to listen to the yodelers like the other team. I left the cabin for a few minutes early this morning to hear them in the Gopher cabins, and those guys are AWFUL! No wonder Ive never heard of Japanese yodelers; they shouldnt even be allowed to sing at all!


Mark: This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder. This morning, Danny got a trampoline from who-knows-where and set it down outside of the mess hall. Then he climbed on the roof and free-fell on top of it, claiming that he was trying to test the springs, and when I pointed out that if the test failed he could be seriously injured, Danny gave me this look like he seriously wanted to strangle me. And dont even get me started about Nikki. Shes been washing the floor for three hours now! Im starting to think that maybe she cant stop. But am I having fun yet in this nuthouse? (considers it) Maybe.


Shane: Yeah, I know Ive been sort of pessimistic so far. But this could be interesting. Vianna, I take back everything I said earlier. And when I win 100,000 dollars, I might get you that cell phone that mom and dad wouldnt buy you last Christmas.


Will: You guys may not know this, but I can actually be somewhat of the strong and silent type. Ya know, cuz Im strong and when Im drinking coke, I can be very silent. See? (pulls out unopened coke bottle and takes a long drink). Yep. Emo- boy Shane has nothing on me. I can be so silent itll kill you. Other people can talk and talk and talk, but me, Im like that Mr. Ed talking horse, (sings off key) But Mr. Ed will never speak unless hes got something to say! and- (static- dead battery)


Campfire Pit

The campers met Chris a few minutes later, and were surprised to see huge stacks of notebook paper on the ground.

Chris? Whats with the load of dead trees? Sapphire asked, earning a glare from Lauren.

Chris ignored her Anyway, so heres the next challenge. You have five minutes to write a short play, which will be performed in front of Chef Hatchet and myself. It should be written for two people, so choose your best actors and/or actresses. No one is allowed to use their scripts on stage. You may, however, assign someone to be a safety net and improvise for the others if something goes wrong.

Myri raised her hand, Is it any particular genre?

Chris considered it for a minute, No, it can be whatever you want. Just stay away from romance though, unless youre going for a soap opera type theme. He paused. No more questions. And begin!

—- 5 minutes later—-

Chris ate another hand-full of pop-corn from the kitchen. So lets see what youve come up with, campers. Who wants to go first? Both teams wished they could crawl under a rock right then. Dont everyone volunteer at once, he muttered sarcastically. Why dont we start with the Screaming Yetti.

Will the teams pull out a decent show, or crumble under pressure? Who will win, and who will end up being sent home? Find out next time! Part 2 will be up in a few days. I have it completed, but will wait a little while before posting it.


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