TDI Season 2: Revenge of camp Wawanakwa – Chapter 5

TDI Season 2: Revenge of camp Wawanakwa – Chapter 5

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own TDI


The campers met up at
the campfire pit a half an hour later for their first challenge.
Okay campers, do you see the top of that cliff over there?
Chris asked pointing in the distance to a barely visible speck.
Everyone turned to look and eventually concluded that it was there,
Good. Now walk to the top of it. Ill meet you there.

Wait, what? Lilly
asked but by that time Chris was already in his helicopter. The two
teams sat in shock staring at each other.

Finally Benny stood up.
I guess we should get moving. He started to leave, the rest of
the Yetti following reluctantly. The Unicorns followed suit, making
sure to stay at least a few feet away from the other team. It was as
if an invisible wall had suddenly formed. The campers spoke quietly
among themselves, wondering what the challenge was, and introducing
themselves further.

Hey, Benny. Wait
up, Lauren shouted to him. Benny didnt slow down, but she
managed to catch up with him a moment later. Look, Im really
sorry about earlier, when I yelled at you for trying to stop my fight
with Saphire. You were absolutely right, it was stupid of me to let
things so far out of hand. Lauren said this without taking her
eyes off the ground.

Benny raised an
eyebrow, Really? he asked in disbelief. She nodded. Arent
you going to apologize to Saphire too then?

No, she got what she
deserved. Lauren added, I wonder what the other team is talking
about right now

Meanwhile, things were
going pretty well for the Killer Unicorns.

Guys, I think its
time we talked strategy, Mark announced. The others shrugged and
Mark continued, needing no more invitation than that, I think we
need a team leader and-

Let me guess,
Danny interrupted, You think you should be the leader.

Mark shook his head,
Are you kidding? You couldnt pay me enough to do the job. But
someone has to if we want to have any chance of winning. So are there
any nominations?

Bella hesitated than
admitted, I think Myri should do it.

Me?! Why? Myri
sounded appalled at the idea.

Because we need
someone who can think logically, even under pressure, and who can
keep us together as best as possible; you seen like the most likely
candidate, Bella answered. The others voiced their agreement.

So its settled
then, Mark said, Myri is our official team leader! They all
cheered except for Myri herself who looked less than thrilled for her
sudden election.


3 hours later at the
top of the mountain

Chriss helicopter
had been situated at the mountain peek for quite some time. The
campers showed up, glaring at Chris when he asked them why it took
them so long to get there.

So whats our
challenge? Please tell me the climbing was part of it. Teresa said
panting. All of them were either sitting or lying on the ground after
their long treck up.

No Teresa, it
wasnt, Chris answered cheerily receiving 14 groans of
annoyment. But the trip down will be much faster, I assure you.
Remember the 1000 foot cliff dive from last season? Welcome to the
mile high dive!

There was silence. Then
Sapphire started laughing. Everyone stared at her and she replied,
Youve got to be joking, this is insane. She got up and made
her way over to the cliff edge, You see its just a- Saphire
looked down then gave a little shriek and stumbled backwards,
scrambling back to the safe zone as fast as she could. I cant
even see the lake! Im not jumping, Ill tell you that right

Cautiously, the campers
got up and crowded around the edge. Ya know, Benny started,
Judging on our average height and weight, Id estimate that
theres only a fifty percent chance of us making it out alive.
No one dared argue or tell him to be quiet.

Nikki gulped, Really?

Dont listen to
him, Jake scoffed, Hes just trying to scare us out of

Hes doing a
pretty good job, she whimpered.

Lez looked up from his
video game, Yeah, Jake, if youre so sure of yourself, then you

Hey, I thought that
thing broke? Saphire insisted.

I brought a spare.

Jake crossed his arms
over his chest avoiding glancing down at where the lake should
been visible, Alright I will jump, Leslie,

Lez gritted his teeth,
I swear if you call me that one more time he let the
unfinished threat hang in the air.

Jake grinned, Sure,

Thats it! Lez
shouted. He handed the game to Teresa and was about to attack Jake
when Benny interrupted.

If I hadnt taken
a vow of silence, Id tell Lez to knock it off, Benny warned,
Id say that Jake is just trying to hide the fact that hes
too chicken to jump, by attempting to start a fight. Id also say
that if someone doesnt jump soon, well all be eligible
for elimination. But I did take the vow, so I wont say any of
that. He finished. Lez saw the Benny was right and backed away
from the ledge, still glaring at Jake.

Will commented, I
know Im not stepping off this ledge, and I doubt that anyone else
will either. I think Id rather take the chance of being
eliminated, than the chance of possibly dying. He stepped away
from the edge.

Sorry guys, but I
like life, Bella started to back up, but accidentally tripped, and
fell into Shane who was shoved off the cliff.

There was a good 15 seconds before there was a small splash.

Anyone else
jumping? Chris asked. There was no response. Ill take that
as a no. This means that the Killer Unicorns must vote off one
of their fellow mythical horses tonight at the campfire ceremony.


A few hours later down
at the lake

The Yetti traveled down
to the lake to see what had become of Shane. He was lying on shore,
bruised and battered, The sharks are still here. He
muttered when the others got there.

Well you did win us
the challenge, Teresa pointed out.

Shane sat up, Oh
joy, another day of this. I wonder who theyre voting off.


Confession Cam- the

Lilly: I dont
even know whos more stupid: Jake for trying to start a fight with
the other team, or Bella for making us loose. I guess I have to vote
for Bella. Sorry, but she just looks so much like the girl from
Twilight. Its creepy.

Jake: Okay, yeah,
what I did wasnt the best idea; so sue me. But I vote for Myri.
Shes the team leader.

Myri: Great. Now I
just know theyre all going to vote for me because Im
and all. I vote for Jake because he could have
gotten himself injured. And of what use is an injured player?

Mark: Id like to
vote for myself. No amount of money is worth all this. Plus, that
resort for the losers is
so cool!

Nikki: Bella
definitely has to go. Her clumsiness cost us the challenge. But Id
actually like to see Lez and Jake fight; I wonder who would win

Danny: This is
tough. Jake or Bella. Hmmm, Jake; I definitely vote Jake. I flipped a
coin in my mind. Bella was heads, Jake was tails.

Bella: I vote for
(static- you have to read on to find out)

I have two
marshmallows left on my plate. The one who doesnt receive a
marshmallow must immediately go to the dock of shame, catch the boat
of losers and leave. And you can never come back, ever. Jake,
Bella. The final marshmallow goes to tension building music
plays, Jake. Sorry Bella but you did it to yourself. Literally,
Chris said. He pressed a button and Bellas vote is heard.

Confession cam

Bella: I vote for
myself. Theyre going to vote me off anyway, so I might as well
help. Bye.

Wow, Lilly
whispered, All these events happened so simultaneously, that its
almost is if its being scripted or something.

Bye everyone! While
you all are annoying the heck out of each other here, I get to go to
Playa de Losers! Bella got on the boat and disappeared into the


End of chapter 2.

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