TDA Utter Drama Act: Last Gig – Chapter 1

TDA Utter Drama Act: Last Gig – Chapter 1

TDA: Total Drama Action Final Episode

(This is not a real episode. I liked the whole idea of Duncan and Gwen so I made this up.)

I dont own Total Drama Island/Action, though I wish I did but thats beside the point.

Im sorry if youre against the Duncan and Gwen pair up, but Trent went crazy so. O.o

I thought that Duncan and Heather would make it to the finals.

If you guys didn’t know already, the 2nd season takes place on a abandoned movie set, so in the final episode there would be 3 main events based off of three differents types of movies: Romanic, Action, and Horror.


Romantic – The two contestants would each have to rescue one of the other players (Heather has to save Harold) (Duncan has to save Gwen) Gwen and Harold are hanging off the edge of the cliff set, blindfolded. Duncan and Heather have to rescue them, then move on to the next challenge.

Action – This challenge takes place on a city set. The contestants have to escape the bad guy (Chris, who is chasing them in a car) Then move on to the last challenge.

Horror – Heather and Duncan have to go through a hauted house. The first person to escape (all in one piece) wins the million bucks :)

* * *

Chris Maclean: “Over the last few weeks our contestants have survived yet another season of tourture. Now, only two remain. But after today only one of these lucky teens will win one million big ones. Last season, Gwen and Owen were good enough to survive everything we threw at them. Literally! We threw stuff at them! But this time around, Duncan and Heather were the lucky ones. So sit your butt down and watch the last episode of Total..Drama…ACTION!!!!!”

* * * THEME SONG * * *

Chis: “Yet again we’re bringing back all the losers who couldn’t make it this far. And if you havent noticed, two of them are missing. *chuckles* Their gonna need some saving actually, and that’s what Duncan and Heather are gonna do…”

*Confessional Trailer*

Duncan: “Great. Not only do I have to surive what the manic hits me with, I have to rescue someone too.”

Heather: “I dont care who. I just want to Win!”

Chris: “…Your ‘Damsels in Distress’ are hanging off of the cliff set. Your job is to rescue them and bring them safetly back here. The quicker you get back, the quicker you can move on to the next challenge. After you bring them back, you’re gonna move on to the city set. Which is that way. The first one to escape the ‘bad guys’ wins the challenge. Then you are gonna go through a haunted house. You guys know the drill, first one to survive that gets the million bucks. Kapeish?”

*Confessional Trailer*

Duncan: “Three challenges? The dude’s nuts.”

Chris: “…OK! On your mark… get set… GO!!!!”

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