Utter Drama Pornography Story: Entauria Chapter Six

Utter Drama Pornography Story: Entauria Chapter Six

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Tension increases within our small group.

Duncan was trying to think of a way to get them out of their current predicament. He had nothing.

“Now that we’re rested we should probably keep going” He told them. “If we are going to find food and water, this is the way”.

“We should probably just head back now” Gwen argued.” I don’t think there is any pont to keeping moving.”

“Well is there any point in going back? Why does that make more sense than going forward? Duncan asked.

No one could argue with that.

This trail seemed to be winding down.

The tracks were more fresh than before.

Duncan couldn’t argue with how much it did look like it came from a beast.

“They probably come from some evolved form of deer or something, that beast stuff is crap” Trent remarked.

“I don’t think so” Courtney said.

She was actually starting to get scared.

Duncan’s POV

The trail ended… just like that.

But looking up from the trail, I noticed something that made me practically cry.

A small, clear looking pond.

And next to it, a patch of something that looked like blueberries.

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.

It definetly wasn’t a bad idea.

Courtney got scared on the way here.

She is hot when she is scared.

I couldn’t wait to rub in her face that I had found food and water.


The entire group couldn’t believe that Duncan had saved their lives, probably.

Courtney’s jaw dropped and Duncan smirked at her.

This place seemed like an oasis, almost idyllic.

It seemed to perfect.

They rused to the pond and crammed thir heads in it.

It felt good to cool off.

They didn’t notice something creeping up behind them.

Until it roared.

They all looked back in asurprised manner.

Standing behind them was a beast.

Somehow, Courtney managed a gloatful smirk at Duncan.

The beast approched slowly.

Snarling somewhere deep in its throat.

It had long hind legs covered in deep green scales. The scaled morphed into feahers that covered the rest of it’s body.

It seemed like a combination of a bird and a lizard with a scaly tail and wings with a beak.

It had sharp talons, very sharp talons.

They were at his water hole.

It didn’t like intruders.

Just as it wasabout to pounce on Gwen a spear hit it in it’s side and it flew to the ground.

The person who had just killed it stepped forward.

“Hello, I am Bridgette” She said.

There’s a shocker!

To hear Bridgette’s story stay posted for chappie 7!

I told you other charecters would appear!


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